The Guitars

The Details.

First.  Lefties are strongly encouraged! After all.  I am one. 

And, yes. I build each one of these guitars, one at a time. It's personal. Back to the description...


Any resonator style can be made 100% acoustic, or with any combination of

piezo or magnetic pickups. I use Seymore Duncan for magnetic pickups and Shatten Design for piezo pickups. The magnetics are generally P.A.F. 

humbuckers or Phat Cat P-90s.

Headstock symbol... 

NO, it is not the sign of the devil.  It is the alchemical symbol for mercury. Thus, the name of my brand, Mercury Lab. I have a long relationship with this magical element. My first trade and art is neon. Mercury is used to brighten up the gas inside a neon tube. Mercury looks like liquid silver. My guitars remind me of that so the symbol was a perfect fit.


I purposely use a cut out design in aluminum attached with sheet metal screws for the headstock image as opposed to an inlay. It is a metal guitar after all. I want to carry that notion from bridge to neck.


The beer tab volume and tone knobs...

They are optional.  I get it. You might not want to endorse a crappy beer. You might not want to endorse beer at all.  But, if you earned your stripes as a musician playing in crappy bars week after week, and you drink, these knobs are for you. Lord knows, I’ve put down down plenty of crappy beer while playing crappy gigs.  But, hey! Its on the house!

As I stated, these are custom guitars. If you want custom beer tab knobs, you can send me what you want and I will make them. Just don't ask for Coors or Bud Lite, because that ain't happening :-)

The sound hole cover...

I know you are spending a lot on a highly crafty product. But, this is another reminder to keep it real!!! It is a shower drain cover from your local hardware store.  It’s meant to be that way. But, don't worry. I often replace these with more traditional sound hole covers on request. 


The pickup switch...

Also optional on models equipped with two pickups. But, I call New Orleans my home.  Crawfish is king! Eating crawfish while playing guitar is not recommended, so the claw is meant as a reminder to keep your hands clean.

The surface...

Highly polished aluminum and chrome can scratch pretty easily.  Unless you are whaling on it like Kurt Cobain, you probably won’t have a problem. But, these things are meant to be played. Like any other guitar, if you ding it, you know you are doing something right.  Wear it with pride. The surface is uncoated and will

take some minor maintainance.

Oh yeah.  Play it if you buy it!!!

In all sincerity, I would be honored if you did.

RatRod Close.jpg
Crawfish toggle.jpg
Supro Volume-tone.jpg